Side table of Toronto metal frame and wooden table top

Voglrieder kreatives Wohnen


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Side table sustainably made from recycled waste wood with an irregular, uneven tabletop and solid stainless metal frame.


  • Coffee table with practical C-shaped construction: the legs of the table can be slid under a sofa or bed
  • Coffee table stable with perfect height - higher than a coffee table and lower than normal tables, so everything is at arm's height, 
  • Dimensions: width 25 cm, height 60 cm, depth 40 cm
  • Features: many wooden table top made of recycled old wood with saw and wear marks with an irregular, uneven surface in the color tabacco
  • Base made of square black iron tubes, matte black, powder coated surface
  • Maximum load approx. 20 kg
  • Special features: The Toronto side table is characterized by its versatile use and offers extra space on the sofa or bed for small snacks, phone, book, magazine, etc. Due to its not too large dimensions, the practical side table is made of solid wood with an irregular, uneven surface fits well with any interior design and gives your premises a modern look in industrial design.

Maintenance of solid wood tables:
A table made of solid wood should be regularly cleaned of dust and coarse dirt. To do this, use a soft, slightly damp microfiber cloth. Never use chemical cleaners, household cleaners or all-purpose cleaners and use only a little water.

In case of visible watermark, you can treat the surface with commercially available furniture wax or furniture polish.

Dampness and liquids are solid wood surfaces' biggest enemy. If you ever spill moisture on your table, wipe it up immediately. If liquids remain on the tabletop for too long, the wood can swell from the moisture.

To avoid unsightly glass and cup edges on tables, it is best to use coasters for drinks.